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Anthony Massie

Joining the team in 2019 to support Marina in steering our daily operations, I brought with me a background in hospitality and fine dining. My tenure overseeing the acclaimed Gilbey’s restaurant in Amersham for nearly a decade shaped my knack for operational finesse and client-centred service.

From marketing strategies to operational efficiencies, my role is a dynamic blend of responsibilities, and truth be told, it’s an absolute thrill! I take pride in refining our processes, crafting our brand narrative, and relishing the flair of industry events that grace our calendar. Recently, I’ve spearheaded the development of an award-winning software, revolutionizing our internal workflows and enhancing our clients’ journey with us.

Beyond the realms of finance, I hold a BA in Music Technology, nurturing a past aspiration to make it big as a renowned music producer. These days, my off-duty hours are dedicated to the serenity of gardening and exploring the splendid gardens scattered across the UK. You’ll also find me running a successful gardening social media page under the tag @thegardeninggeek.


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