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Tax Efficiencies & Planning

An added benefit of utilising our financial planning service is we can advise on your tax situation.

We’ll look at how your money is currently invested to see if you’re utilising all available tax allowances and making full use of every suitable investment wrapper available to ensure your money is packaged in the most tax efficient way.

We’ll look at maximising:

  • ISA contributions and allowances
  • Pension contributions
  • Off and on shore bonds
  • VCT, EIS and BPR
  • General investment accounts

As part of our initial meeting, and financial planning service we will also look to utilise your personal allowances for capital gains, dividends and interest.

Tax rules

UK tax rules are notoriously complex so where necessary we’ll communicate with your accountant, via our Guardian service, to confirm everything is in order to keep you compliant.

As a client we’ll review your tax situation every year to ensure you’re maximising your allowances to be as tax efficient as possible.

Lifetime Allowance (LTA)

If you've been dilligently saving into a pension throughout your working life, you should be entitled to feel confident about about your retirement. But, unfortunately the best savers sometimes find themselves inadvertently breaching their pension lifetime allowance (LTA) and being charged additional tax that erodes their savings.

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