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Inheritance & Estate Planning

Do you have assets worth over £1 million?

Reduce Your Inheritance Tax Bill.. with IHT & Estate Planning from Herbert & Webster

Are you concerned about burdening your family with inheritance tax?

Our independent and unbiased view of your current financial situation and assets means we can recommend ways to structure your estate to reduce or completely negate inheritance tax.

We’ve helped hundreds of individuals and families ensure their estate is structured to reduce their IHT liability.

Inheritance Tax & Estate Planning from Herbert & Webster includes:

  • An overview of your entire estate and valuation
  • Exploring the option of gifting money or assets
  • Cashflow planning to work through different life scenarios
  • Comprehensive financial advice covering pensions and investments

Above all you’ll receive quality advice from a firm of chartered financial advisers to give you the confidence that your estate is structured in the most tax efficient way.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is essential to ensure your affairs are in order and you have clearly defined how your assets should be distributed based on current and future situations.

Before working with us, many clients are unaware of the total value of their estate. Part of our service is showing you the big picture; we’ll pull together every investment, asset and insurance you currently have and provide you with a value for your total estate as it currently stands and estimated future values at retirement and onwards, so we know if your loved ones will be liable for inheritance tax.

All the facts so you can make the right decision

This allows us to help you explore all the estate and inheritance planning options available to you; we’ll look at the pros and cons of each option, so you fully understand the consequences of doing nothing or making the wrong decision.

We’re about giving you all the facts so you can make an informed decision regarding how you would like your estate to be structured in order to reduce inheritance tax liability, so you know when the time comes your assets can be distributed as you wish with ease and in the most tax efficient manner.

Cashflow planning is the main driver of estate planning and this is the major advantage of being a client of Herbert & Webster.

We will collaborate with trusted external solicitors via our Guardian service to ensure your wishes are implemented in the correct way, with the minimum of fuss to give you complete peace of mind.

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