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What is Guardian?

Guardian is our unique value-added service to get the best results for you.

We work with our trusted panel of accountants, solicitors and mortgage brokers to ensure your estate, streams of income and investments are structured in the most tax efficient way. Integrating all aspects of your financial affairs allows us to create a robust financial plan for your future.

If you already have a trusted professional you work with, we're happy to collaborate with them too!

...our version of a family office style service...

Guardian is a unique benefit which smoothes the way when collaborating with other professionals to enable us to provide a truly holistic financial planning service to you.

We're expert financial planners but we know our limits; that's why we collaborate with specialist advisers to ensure you're getting the correct advice. We even contribute up to 10% of our ongoing fee towards the cost of their services.

Guardian is available to clients with £400,000 of assets under management with Herbert & Webster.

Guardian allowances can be used for:


  • Tax Returns
  • Exit Strategy Planning
  • Family Investment Copmanies


  • Wills
  • Power of Attorney
  • Estate Planning


  • Intergenerational Motgages
  • Mortage Brokers


  • Intergenerational Planning
  • Future Wealth management

How Guardian Can Help You

Tax Planning

We'll work with you accountant prior to your tax year end to review your tax allowances, then arrange an annual review to discuss your options... essentially, we'll come to you with suggestions having looked at all the facts which makes your decision-making process much easier and quicker.

Estate & Inheritance Tax Planning

We can take care of the financial side of estate and inheritance tax planning, whilst working with one of our Guardian approved solicitors to ensure your estate is set up in the correct way your will is up to date.

Complex Financial Planning

If your financial situation is more complicated, we find it beneficial to organise a roundtable meeting with everyone present so information and ideas can be shared and explained to your first hand. This should avoid any miscommunication and ensure you have the opportunity to ask questions, so you fully understand your options and agree on the best way forward.

Your Family Guardian

Its likely your estate will involve your children or other beneficiaries, so we extend the Guardian service to them so they can access the advice they need when they need it and secure their own financial futures.

Our Commitment To You

The Guardian service is further proof of our commitment to offering an holistic financial planning and wealth management service that's centred on your needs and focused on securing your financial aspirations.

Working With Your Advisers

If you already have an account and solicitor, then we're happy to collaborate with them. However, we do have a panel of vetted and trusted professional connections who specialise in all aspects of accountancy and law.

Professional Services

If you're an accountant, solicitor or mortgage broker, we'd love to hear from you and explore working together.

Our Guardian services relies on close relationships with clients' trusted advisers so we can deliver the best service possible. If you'd like to be considered to become part of our trusted panel of professionals, please get in touch.

Eligibility for Guardian:

Over£400,000 of funds under management

Paying our minimum of £2,000 p.a ongoing service fee

Guardian is a discretionary service

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