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Client Survey 2024

Do you feel the products and services we offer are designed to meet your needs and intended objectives?
Are the products and services we provide easily accessible and suitable for your circumstances?
Do you feel we clearly explain the key features, risks, and limitations of our products and services?
Do you consider the prices and fees charged for our products and services to be fair and reasonable?
Do you feel you are receiving good value for money from the products and services we provide?
Are the costs and charges associated with our products and services transparent and easily understandable?
Do you feel you have a good understanding of the products and services we offer and how they work?
Are our communications and explanations clear, fair, and not misleading?
Do we provide sufficient information and support to help you make informed decisions?
Do you feel we provide adequate support and guidance throughout your customer journey?
Are our customer service channels accessible and responsive to your needs?
Overall, do you feel we act in your best interests and prioritise delivering good outcomes for you?
Would you recommend our products and services to others?
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