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Here at Herbert & Webster we’re all about relationships, we focus on bringing maximum value to clients to create long term mutually beneficial connections, and we look to do the same with professional service companies, like you, who we can partner with.

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During the course of a client’s financial journey we inevitably encounter situations outside of our professional capabilities and require the assistance of third party advisers such as a solicitor to place an asset into trust and create a will, or an accountant to file a tax return and advise on maximising pension contributions. For this reason, we have created our unique Guardian service, giving our clients direct access to our panel of trusted third-party advisers.

We’re expert financial planners but we know our limits; Guardian removes the barriers to collaboration. We even contribute up to 10% of our ongoing fee towards the third-party costs because we value the expertise of our external partners to ensure our clients get the right outcome, it’s all part of the holistic financial planning service we provide.

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How we can help you…

Our passionate and highly knowledgeable team comes from multi-national financial institutions with years of experience; there isn’t a financial situation we haven’t seen and successfully solved, whether it be pension issues, the sale of a business, inheritance, you name it we’re sure to have a solution for the issue at hand.

Herbert and Webster are independent and directly authorised by the FCA meaning we operate with full autonomy, providing unbiased and unrestricted advice based on a comprehensive and objective analysis of the market. We are free from any restrictions that could affect an advisers ability to recommend what is best for your clients.

We are a firm of Chartered Financial Planners. Less than 10% of FCA regulated IFA firms in the UK have achieved this professional standard. Chartered Status gives you and your clients additional peace of mind in our due diligence, audit trail and operating processes.

We advise on complex issues such as taxation of bonds, cashflow planning in divorce situations and pension sharing orders.

When you have a complex financial situation, we’re on hand with advice and support so you can be confident you’re taking the most appropriate course of action.

You may already have a panel of IFAs you refer clients to but is this a formal referral process?

Do you benefit from new referrals being passed back to you?

We look to create open reciprocal relationships, so clients can benefit from a comprehensive service which includes financial planning, tax efficiency and inheritance planning.

The benefits of partnering with Herbert & Webster:
  • Fully independent financial planners
  • Directly authorised by the FCA
  • Backed by the FSCS
  • Chartered Firm – only 10% of UK firms are chartered
  • Professional indemnity insurance of £3 million (nearly double the minimum requirements)
  • All advisers are directly employed
  • Highly educated, qualified and tech savvy

Would you like to offer your clients access to a dynamic, educated and driven team of independent financial advisers? Then we’re here to help.

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