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Are you looking for assistance to ensure your employee benefits package is up to scratch? Then you’ve found the right place.

Since our formation in 2010 we’ve been assisting companies with their employee benefits packages, undertaking pension reviews and advising on additional benefits.

Looking after your best asset

Employees are the backbone of every company and we all know finding and retaining high calibre staff is challenging especially in today’s financial climate.

Here’s where additional employee benefits come into play; offering a more generous pension, free personal financial advice and other benefits such as death in service can make the difference between retaining or losing an employee – and we all know how much it costs to go through the recruitment process.


Pensions review

As a good employer you know how vital it is to regularly review your pension provision to ensure it’s still fit for purpose and performing as you and your employees expect.

We recommend a review every 5 years; we’ll produce a detailed report outlining the suitability of your current pension scheme and recommend alternative pension providers if we feel it’s necessary to move to a more suitable provider.

Employee Benefits

In addition to pension reviews we can also setup and review group life cover to confirm the current cover is still relevant. This can be a cost saving exercise but it’s also not uncommon for us to find a higher level of cover for the same price.

Personal financial advice

Another benefit that will set you apart from the competition is offering employees access to professional financial planners… just like us!

Making your workforce feel valued is key to retaining them and you might just be surprised how much employees value a free consultation with us. We can uncover ways to save employees thousands of pounds every year.

How we can help you…

Our friendly and dynamic team have years of experience in multi-national financial institutions; and as a company we’re fully independent and directly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, providing impartial and unrestricted advice based on comprehensive and unbiased analysis of the market. Advisers are free from any restrictions that could influence their willingness to recommend what is best for you.

The benefits of partnering with Herbert & Webster:
  • Ensuring your pension offering is fit for purpose and performing
  • Offer additional employee benefits
  • Fully independent financial planners
  • Directly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority
  • Backed by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme
  • Chartered Firm – only 10% of UK firms are chartered
  • Professional indemnity insurance of £3 million (nearly double the minimum requirements)
  • All advisers are directly employed
  • Highly educated, qualified and tech savvy team

In 2017 we attained Chartered Status, joining the top 10% of IFA firms in the UK.

Chartered Status takes our due diligence, audit trail and operating processes to a higher level giving you extra peace of mind.

What next…

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