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Vulnerable Persons

Protecting vulnerable clients is a key focus for Herbert & Webster, and we understand that anyone can find themselves in vulnerable circumstances at any time. We will provide the same high-level of service to all clients and adapt to ensure clients who we’ve identified as vulnerable are treated fairly and have the same outcomes as everyone else.

The FCA estimates that 24.1 million people in the UK have at least one characteristic of a vulnerability; that’s nearly 50% of the adult population.

We can provide support at every step of your financial journey with us, from the initial consultation through to yearly reviews and at significant life events.

Not all vulnerabilities are self-evident, which is why we have a framework to help us identify vulnerable clients and support them in the best way possible.

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There’s a common misconception that only people with a disability or the elderly are vulnerable so you might not think of yourself as vulnerable… but here are some examples of clients we would be able to offer additional support to::

  • Older people - including people with dementia
  • Young people - students and young adults
  • Bereaved - partner, children, family or friends
  • People diagnosed with serious illness or life threatening conditions
  • People dealing with significant life changing events - divorce or moving home
  • People with disabilities - mental or physical
  • People who are carers
  • People who don’t have English as a first language

How we identify vulnerable clients:

    1. Communication - hearing, sight, language and physical disability
    2. Comprehension - financial understanding, mental capacity, age related issues such as dementia
    3. Circumstances - bereavement, family breakdown, serious illness, financial difficulties
    4. Commitment - We’ll simply do the right thing for you, our client.

    How we’ll help vulnerable clients:

    Everyone at Herbert and Webster is trained and understands our Extra Care Vulnerable Client policy allowing them to identify clients at risk and help in the following ways:

    • Treat you fairly and with respect
    • Adjust our methods of support to your needs
    • Follow systems and processes to ensure you understand the advice we’re providing
    • Be aware that existing clients can become vulnerable at anytime

    How we’ll support you

    We’ll adjust the way we support you based on your individual circumstances.

    Below are examples of how we’re able to adapt to your needs:

    • Arranging for a trusted family member or friend to be present at our meetings
    • Obtaining relevant documents in Braille for clients with vision impairment
    • Organising for a qualified ‘signer’ for clients with impaired hearing
    • Allowing extra time for appointments or arranging several shorter appointments
    • Allowing clients time to come to terms with significant life changes before making decisions
    • Changing the venue of meetings to assist clients who have difficulty with mobility
    • Ensure you understand the suitability report and all other documentation

    We’ll simply do the right thing for you, our client.

    Our commitment

    It’s our mission to improve the lives of every single client we work with, helping to realise the dream of financial freedom – we’d love to do the same for you and we’ll adapt our service to meet your needs.

    We will always act in your best interests if we have concerns about your vulnerability, we’ll have an open and honest conversation about the support you might need.

    As a company we’re committed to continual professional development and everyone from our advisers to admin team are trained and regularly attend sessions to improve our service to vulnerable clients.

    At the heart of our process, every step of the client journey has been adjusted to ensure the right advice is delivered in the right way, this involves a ‘Tell us once’ policy.

    We have trusted professional connections such as accountants and solicitors who can advise on matters that fall outside of our skill set, which means you’re not left on your own to find a professional adviser when needed.

    When relevant we can recommend trusted charities and organisations who can support your specific circumstances.

    We’ll simply do the right thing for you, our client.

    FCA Treating Customers Fairly

    How we can help you:

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