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Holistic Financial Planning

Holistic financial planning is the best way to describe our complete financial planning service, as it’s so much more than just offering financial advice and selecting the right investments.

As a client, you benefit from our high-quality holistic financial planning which looks at your current financial situation and more importantly, your future financial goals, so we can find the best way to hit your objectives.

When it comes to financial planning, there are two phases during your life.

First is the accumulation phase; this happens during your working life when you’re actively earning and investing money for the future. The second phase is de-accumulation which happens in retirement when you start to draw on the funds and investments you made in the accumulation phase.

There are specific investment and planning strategies relevant to the accumulation and de-accumulation phases, which is why the sooner you have us by your side to offer advice and guidance, the better the chance you have of financial freedom and securing a comfortable retirement.

Our Holistic Financial Planning service comprises of several key parts:

Securing your financial future in 4 easy steps:

    1. Free Initial Conversation - free initial call or online meeting via Zoom to understand your current situation and aspirations, see if we're a good fit for you and explain what information we'll need to move to the next step of your financial journey with us.
    2. Initial meeting(s) - face to face or remote, we will look through all the information you've been able to provide; the practical stuff like your current investments and pension and more importantly discuss your future goals and how you can achieve them.
    3. Cashflow Planning & Investment Recommendations- we'll create a bespoke, detailed cashflow forecast which will help you visualise your financial future and answer many of the questions you're currently asking yourself.

      We will make our recommendations based on your current and future financial situation and life goals.
    4. Ongoing Service - The most important part of our service - we will be by your side to keep you on track to reach your financial goals based on our recommendations.

      We will monitor your progress towards achieving your goals and help keep you focused on reaching your objectives. Adapting your personalised plan in reaction to any real world events or unexpected changes in your personal circumstances.

Cash Flow Planning

As part of our Holistic Planning Service our cash flow planning will help visualise and plan what your financial future will look like.

We can take you througha series of 'What if' scenarios. Plan for those big purchased you've been dreaming of and highlight where there might be any shortfalls.

The benefits

Like anything in life, once you have all the facts, you can undertake in-depth research and analysis to find the best solutions and make an informed decision – this is exactly how our holistic financial planning service can work for you.

Our service is centred around giving you confidence.

Confidence that you’re on the right path to secure your financial future and hit your goals.

The consequences of not acting now

Time is of the essence; the longer you leave it to get solid financial advice the greater the risk of reduced returns or even losses.

The majority of the UK population take little or no action to secure their financial future; in the short term this has minimal impact, but in the long term and when you come to retirement, lack of action in earlier years can have a significant impact on what should be the most enjoyable time of your life.

There are two options

Do nothing, cross your fingers and hope for the best, leaving it to chance


Take action today, let us help you make informed decisions based on all the facts, giving yourself the best chance of fulfilling your lifelong financial goals and enjoying a happy retirement.

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