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Here at Herbert & Webster, we take a pragmatic approach to investing your hard-earned cash. After all when it comes down to it, investments are judged on their returns.

As independent financial planners, investments are only one part of our holistic service… we don’t just recommend an investment product then leave you to manage it yourself.

Our professional financial planning service focuses on you, we consider your needs, wants and aspirations, then create cashflow and investment strategy to meet your future financial goals.

The OED definition of investment is…

“the action or process of investing money for profit.”

How are you investing at present?

Right now, you might have cash on deposit earning between 1% and 2% which you may think is an investment, it’s not. Cash lying dormant in a low interest savings account is being eaten away by inflation. If you have £100,000 in a savings account, you’re probably getting 1% interest per year but when you take into consideration the negative effects of inflation say 2%, the actual purchasing power of your £100,000 is getting less each year, you’re effectively losing money although it doesn’t look like it on paper.


Maybe you have investments that are under performing and need someone to give you a fresh perspective on your current financial situation, then make recommendations to breathe new life into your financial planning and look at the most relevant investment routes.

You could be unsure of the type of investments you have, how they are performing or what your current risk exposure is. Many clients come to us to get a handle on their investments and recommend an investment solution that is clear and easy to track via our PFP Mobile app.

The ultimate question when it comes to investing for your financial future, is…


How confident are you that you will achieve your financial goals within the time frame you are comfortable with?

The benefits of investing wisely

When you invest your money it’s not just numbers on a page, your money is put to work, it creates jobs, funds research and development that benefits everyone.

It’s true what they say, money makes the world go around and if everyone invested their money in the right way for them, the world would be a better place.

Who should you trust your money to?

To give you an illustration of how our service differs we’re going to compare ourselves to the process of booking a holiday.  No, we haven’t gone mad; it is relevant plus who doesn’t like booking a holiday!

Imagine you’re considering booking a holiday (not hard we know), thanks to the internet you have several options…

Option1 – DIY Booking

You could decide on your destination and budget then fire up your laptop, search hundreds of travel deals, flights and accommodation options, get completely overwhelmed and have a tiff with your other half. Then hope you’ve made the right decision and book everything online. This is fine if it’s just a short city break or week away in the sun, but you wouldn’t book your honeymoon or the holiday of a lifetime this way… would you?

Option 2 – High Street Travel Agent

You could visit a high street travel agent, explain the type of holiday you’re looking for and let them come up with ideas for you. They can book your flights, hotel, transfers and even excursions all in one go and you know the hotel has been checked out by the company in advance to make sure it’s up to scratch. The problem is, they have a restricted selection of destinations and hotels.

Option 3 – Specialist Travel Adviser

If you’re booking the holiday of a lifetime, you want to be sure you’re getting exactly what you want and you’re spending your money wisely. With a specialist travel company, it’s likely you’ll be assigned a single adviser who has local knowledge of the area you’re going to and has possibly stayed a the very hotel you’re booking, which makes you much more confident that this is the holiday for you, after all you’re making a significant investment.

Enough about holidays, here’s our point:

The above scenarios are the same when selecting how you should invest;

Option 1 – DIY

You can spend hours searching the web then go it alone with an online only service such as Wealtify, Nutmeg, Moneyfarm or Hargreaves Lansdown. These companies provide you with access to the investment world but with zero or little advice and even less planning, so you’d better cross your fingers and hope all goes well with your decision. Because you’re on your own, you’ll no doubt spend time worrying whether you made the right decision with your limited market knowledge, which leads to you having to keep a constant eye on the behaviour of your investment – not the best use of your time and probably not worth the worry and risk.

Option2 – Restricted advisers/Wealth Managers or providers

You could do go to a restricted adviser/Wealth Manager or directly to a product provider, but they can only offer advice on a limited number of their own investment options. The consequence of this is there could be a much better investment product or investment strategy that isn’t open to you.

Option 3 – Independent Financial Planners – Herbert & Webster

Finally, you can make the smart choice and put your trust in us, our tried and tested processes and industry expertise to take the stress and worry out of investing and be safe in the knowledge we’re keeping an eye on how your investments are performing.

We’re fully independent chartered financial planners with unrestricted access to the whole of the market so we can select the right investment and protection solutions for you. We’re also qualified to take you through the process of retirement and later life planning factoring in provisions for long term care and inheritance tax.

Basically, we’re here for the long term, to hold your hand through the good and bad times, provide the reassurance your money is invested in the most relevant and tax efficient way for your personal circumstances and you’re on target to meet your future financial goals.

Because we select the investment solution to plug into your financial plan, we can quickly and easily alter where your money is invested if it is underperforming or your personal circumstances change, whilst you retain your relationship with us.

Sound good? 

Great then let us explain the process in a little more detail.

Why you should invest with us, what makes us different?

We offer much more than just the right investments; we can give you the confidence that your financial goals are within reach and set out a clear financial strategy to get you there.


We don’t talk in terms of products; we focus on your individual requirements to develop a tailored personal strategy just for you, which we feel makes us quite unique and unlike most other financial advisers.


Without going into all the nitty gritty stuff, we’re independent and directly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority which means we provide impartial and unrestricted advice based on a comprehensive and objective analysis of the market. We are free from any limitations that could affect an advisers’ ability to recommend what is best for you.


Basically, we’re open, honest, knowledgeable and transparent…

Here for the long haul

We’re not here to make a quick buck by selling you an investment then sitting back and taking good old commission, that’s not how we work.

We are here to build relationships that last a lifetime and possibly generations.


Here’s an overview of the stages we’ll go through before, during and after your investment, which we hope will give you clear idea of what makes us different and the holistic approach we take to financial planning and investments.

The unique Herbert & Webster journey

Big picture financial planners

  • Free 15 minute telephone consultation – let’s see if we’re a good fit for each other.
  • Initial Face to Face meeting – at your place or ours; we’ll dig deep into your current financial situation, tax position and future plans, plus we’ll discuss your attitude to investment risk and the kind of returns you’re looking for.
  • Planning & Research – we’ll run the numbers from our meeting to come up with a cashflow and investment strategy taking into account your attitude to risk, investment term and financial goals.
  • Feedback Meeting – we’ll provide a clear and informative forecast and reports based on our findings and make investment recommendations based you’re your goals and needs.

We will also give you an overview of your retirement, long term care and estate planning options:

  • Initial Investments – we will act between you and the selected providers to ensure a smooth implementation of your investments.
  • Ongoing Service – the initial investment is only the start. Investments need to be monitored to ensure you’re on track to hit your financial goals.

Above is just a brief overview of our holistic approach to financial planning and investing, our client engagement pack contains full details of the process and you can view our fees here.

Ready to take the next step… or want to know how we can help you?

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The telephone consultation will help us both figure out if we’re a good fit for each other.

If you want to move forward then we’ll book in a free initial face to face meeting, this can be at your home, place of work or you can come to our offices (we’ve fantastic coffee and biscuits on tap) and either Adam, Rob or Kurt will take a deep dive into your current financial situation and future goals.

You certainly won’t get this kind of personal service from a website or app.

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