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Holistic financial planning is the best way to describe our complete financial planning service, as it’s so much more than just offering financial advice and selecting the right investments.

As a client you benefit from our high-quality holistic financial planning which looks at your current financial situation and more importantly your future financial goals, so we can find the best way to hit your objectives.

When it comes to financial planning there are two phases during your life, the first being the accumulation phase, this is during your working life when you’re actively earning and investing money for the future. The second phase is decumulation, this happens in retirement when you start to draw on the fund and investments you made in the accumulation phase.

There are specific investment and planning strategies relevant to the accumulation and decumulation phases, which is why the sooner you have us by your side to offer advice and guidance the better the chance you have of financial freedom and securing a comfortable retirement.

Our Holistic Financial Planning service comprises of several key parts:

  • Initial meeting & fact find process – we’ll sit down at your place or ours and take a deep dive into your current financial situation and explore your financial aspirations
  • Cashflow planning and forecasting – to get a full understanding of how much you can afford to invest and how you’ll fare in retirement
  • Investment solutions – based on our initial meeting, we’ll identify your attitude to risk along with a number of other factors to make investment recommendations to put your money to work for you
  • Tax planning – to make sure you’re taking full advantage of allowances, maximising ISA and pension contributions
  • Retirement planning – planning early so we can predict when can you retire and on how much
  • Later life and long term care planning – what happens if you fall ill or require long term care? Our specialist advisers can assist.
  • Estate planning – we’ll help you explore the options when it comes to passing on your wealth through comprehensive inheritance tax solutions
  • Protection – to make sure you and your loved ones are covered, should the worst happen
  • Guardian – to complement our service, we give you access to advice from our trusted panel of solicitors and accountants via our Guardian service


The benefits of holistic financial planning

Like anything in life, once you have all the facts you can undertake in-depth research and analysis to find the best solutions and make an informed decision – this is exactly how our holistic financial planning service can work for you.

Our service is centred around giving you confidence.

Confidence that you’re on the right path to secure your financial future and hit your goals.

The consequences of not acting now

Time is of the essence, the longer you leave it to get solid financial advice, the greater the risk of reduced returns or even losses.

The majority of the UK population takes little or no action to secure its financial future, in the short term this has minimal impact; but in the long term and when you come to retirement, lack of action in earlier years can have a significant impact on what should be the most enjoyable time of your life.

There are two options:

Do nothing, cross your fingers and hope for the best leaving it to chance


Take action today, let us help you make informed decisions based on all the facts, giving yourself the best chance of fulfilling your lifelong financial goals and enjoying a happy retirement.

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Financial Planning for life – the accumulation phase

Getting a job for life, working for 40 years whilst contributing to a pension used to be the route to a comfortable retirement.

Nowadays life’s more complicated, it’s the norm to have upwards of 5 different jobs over your lifetime, meaning every so often you’ll be thrown a financial challenge such as…

‘whether to take redundancy…’

‘can I afford to purchase my dream home…’


‘how and when should I consolidate my pensions…’

With us by your side, we’ll happily offer an impartial view taking into account the pros and cons so you can make an informed decision and be confident that it’s the right one, both now and in the future.

Cashflow planning

Cashflow planning is where it all starts, before we can advise on any investment or protection solutions or look at retirement, later life and estate planning, we need a comprehensive overview of your financial situation, only then can we make informed recommendations.

Some financial advisers skip this essential step and make recommendations without all the facts which perhaps makes their job easier but can have an impact on your financial situation now or in the future.

Cashflow planning shows you how to maximise your income and investments by taking action now to secure your financial freedom.

Investment solutions

After our initial meeting and the cashflow planning process, we’ll look at the right type of investments for you.

Using highly developed industry tools, we’ll whittle down the number of investment routes and products which would help you achieve your objectives, taking into account your attitude to risk and several data points to leave us with a shortlist of recommended investment solutions.

At our feedback meeting, we’ll run through each option with you, weighing up the pros and cons of each to make an informed choice.

Once we have decided the best way forward you can sit back and relax, as we will go to work implementing your investment solution.

Our service doesn’t stop once everything is up and running, we continually review how your investment solution is performing and can make alternative recommendations if your situation changes or the investment is not performing as expected.

It’s nice to know that putting your money to work not only helps you… it creates jobs, funds research and development for the benefit everyone.

Tax efficiencies

We’ll look at how your money is currently invested to see if you’re utilising all available tax allowances and making full use of every suitable investment wrapper available to ensure your money is packaged in the most tax efficient way.

We’ll look at maximising:

  • ISA contributions and allowances
  • Pension contributions
  • Insurance Bonds
  • VCT, EIS and BPR
  • General investment accounts

As part of our initial meeting, research and planning service we will also look to utilise your personal allowances for capital gains, dividends and interest.

UK tax rules are notoriously complex so where necessary, we’ll communicate with your accountant, via our Guardian service to confirm everything is in order to keep you compliant.

Financial Planning for life – the decumulation phase

Whilst the decumulation or retirement phase of financial planning happens later in life, it’s essential that you start preparing for your retirement as early as possible; then you can maximise your investments. In some cases we help clients retire 5 or even 10 years earlier than they ever thought possible.

Retirement planning


When looking at your cashflow and creating your financial plan, we focus on significant milestones in your life, the biggest of which is retirement.

Throughout your financial journey with us we’ll look at:

  • When you can afford to retire
  • When you should actually retire
  • Your likely retirement income
  • A provision for long term care
  • How best organise your estate and package your assets to minimise inheritance tax for your loved ones

Many new clients come to us for advice around retirement and long term care as it’s a specialty of ours. We’ll first get an overview of all your pension pots, analyse their performance and if needed, make recommendations suitable to you to better your financial position.

We keep coming back to it but having all the facts now gives us the best chance of planning for your perfect retirement, after all retirement is about relaxing and having the time to enjoy life to the full.

Later life and long-term care planning

It’s a fact that we’re all living longer and are now more likely to become ill or require long term care at some point during our lifetime especially later in life. It’s wise to make a plan now so you’re covered if and when the time comes.

According to an Age UK report in April 2018, of the UK population who are over 65, 40% have a long-standing illness*. Don’t become a burden on loved ones and don’t risk running out of money due to the cost of care, we can help you plan for the worst and hope for the best.

To give us a picture of your possible requirements we’ll look at:

  • What kind of care you might need
  • What type of care is available and the associated costs
  • Where you would like to live
  • How much this type of care could cost

Long term care planning is a specific area we’re able to advise on as we hold the relevant qualifications.

If you need help with long term care planning call us today…

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Estate planning

As your investments and assets increase in value during your working life, estate planning is essential to ensure your affairs are in order and you have clearly defined how your assets should be distributed based on current and future situations.

Before working with us, many clients are unaware of the total value of their estate. Part of our holistic financial planning service is showing you the big picture; we’ll pull together every investment, asset and insurance you currently have and provide you with a value for your total estate as it currently stands and estimated future values, so we know if your loved ones will be liable for inheritance tax.

This allows us to help you explore all the estate and inheritance planning options available to you; we’ll look at the pros and cons of each option, so you fully understand the consequences of doing nothing or making the wrong decision. We’re about giving you all the facts to make an informed decision about how you would like your estate to be structured, so you know when the time comes your assets can be distributed as you wish with ease and in the most tax efficient manner.

Cashflow planning is the main driver of estate planning and this is the major advantage of being a client of Herbert and Webster.

We will collaborate with trusted external solicitors via our Guardian service to ensure your wishes are implemented in the correct way, with minimum fuss to give you complete peace of mind.

For clarity, we do not charge additional fees for our retirement, later life, long-term care and estate planning services, it’s all part of our holistic financial planning service; plus you can access our panel of specialist third party legal advisers via Guardian. 

Protection planning

We don’t like to think about the worst-case scenario but over the years, we’ve helped clients put protection policies in place and seen how beneficial they are when called upon in your hour of need. We like to plan for the worst and hope for the best.

Ensuring you have the most relevant protection policies in place is putting the burden on the shoulders of someone much larger, the insurance company, who can bear the cost of mitigating risk for you.

We can advise on a range of protection products which include:

  • Income protection
  • Life insurance
  • Critical illness insurance
  • Whole of Life

The range of insurance products is continually evolving so let us do the hard work for you and make recommendations based on your requirements.

Guardian service - access to third party advisers

The final piece of our holistic financial planning service is Guardian.

Our unique Guardian service gives you access to our expert third party accountants and solicitors, meaning when we reach the limit of our professional capabilities, we can collaborate with a specialist adviser to ensure you’re getting the correct advice. We even contribute up to 10% of our annual ongoing advice fee towards the cost of third party adviser services. T&Cs apply.

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